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"I am THE ZODIAC ESSENCE: Pisces Edition. Dreamy and compassionate, just like you. I capture the essence of your imaginative soul and deep empathy. Embrace your inner artist, the mystic and healer. I am more than a scent; I am your creativity, your sensitivity, your connection to the unseen realms. Let's swim in the depths of imagination and embrace the fluidity of emotions, with the intuitive grace of Pisces."

THE ZODIAC ESSENCE is infused with elements that traditionally align with the attributes of Pisces and resonate deeply with their empathetic and artistic nature:

Jasmine (Flower): Jasmine, symbolizing sweetness, romance, and sensuality, mirrors Pisces' affectionate, compassionate, and imaginative nature, along with their deep spiritual connections.

Sandalwood (Wood): Sandalwood, known for its calming and contemplative qualities, reflects Pisces' need for introspection, spiritual exploration, and inner peace.

Ylang-Ylang (Flower): Ylang-ylang, associated with calming and balancing effects, resonates with Pisces' empathic nature and their longing for harmony and emotional bonding.

Seaweed (Plant): Seaweed, originating from the ocean, symbolizes Pisces' strong tie to water, signifying their adaptability and ease in navigating life's changes.

Lotus (Flower): The lotus, flourishing in muddy waters and blooming beautifully, represents spiritual awakening and purity, aligning with Pisces' journey through emotional and spiritual realms in search of enlightenment.

Water Lily (Flower): Water lilies, thriving in aquatic settings, symbolize beauty, tranquility, and the nurturing aspects of nature. They echo Pisces' gentle, artistic, and nurturing characteristics.

What is Alori Essence?
Essence is a fast-absorbing, lightweight oil for both face and body. This oil is designed to soften, refine, smooth and moisturize skin for a more radiant, youthful complexion. Bid farewell to dry spots, rough elbows and irritating razor burn, and welcome a new era of silky-smooth, glowing skin!

How to Use:
Apply on towel-dried skin after a bath or shower. Simply drop a generous amount of oil onto the palm of your hand and massage into skin until absorbed. Use daily for best results.

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