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Say hello to the BEAUTY SANITIZER Multi-Use: the quick-fix genie for your beauty routine! With a mighty disinfecting blend, it kicks germs to the curb, not just on your hands but across your cherished makeup, tools and surfaces. A spritz here on your brushes and a dash there on your powder palettes—just ensure they dry fully to keep everything in tip-top, sanitized shape. It's your beauty routine's new best friend, making sure your glam stays clean, fresh, and utterly fabulous. Ready, set, sanitize!


Hand Sanitizer: Spray to cover hands. Rub for 15-20 secs until dry.

Surface Sanitizer: Spray on surfaces, such as a makeup counter. Let air dry for at least 30 secs.

Makeup Sanitizer: Spray on makeup, like an eyeshadow palette. Allow to air dry completely.

Tool Sanitizer: Spray on tools, such as makeup brushes or an eyelash curler. Let air dry completely.

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