Vegan: Whimsical

$28 $35

Meet Whimsical (light-med)—Unveil the magic and be swept away into a fantasy of your favorite notes. From peony to pear, lemon to cedar, vanilla to freesia, honey to nutmeg and plentiful aromas in between. Which of these sprightly handmade elixirs will be the one to revive your brushes?

* Blind cleanse: comes in a variety of dreamy scents

* Color of cleanse varies 

▪️ Vegan & Cruelty-free: does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, has not been tested on animals

▪️ Scented cleanses are intended for personal use only

▪️ Tea Tree provides additional antibacterial benefits

▪️ No residue, zero color transfer, free of sulfates and parabens

▪️ Travel (2.3 oz), Medium (4.5 oz), XL (6 oz)


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