Green Tea, Ginger & Lime — makeup remover 133 ml

$12.99 $17.99

A high-performance, oil free gel formula that dissolves all types of makeup from the skin, including long-wearing and waterproof products.

▪️ Scented, Cruelty-free, SLS/SLES free

▪️ Aloe may cause a tingling or stinging sensation around the eye area if you are prone to having sensitive skin.

▪️ This product is concentrated and can be diluted with water to extend use. 1 tsp remover + ½ tsp water is the preferred measurement.

how to use:

- Saturate a cotton round or reusable pad with 1 tsp of remover.
- For base products: Swipe cotton round over entire face.
- For eyebrows and lips: Hold cotton round over the area for a few seconds, swipe away.
- Follow up with your skincare routine.


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