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Say hello to our Dramática 3D Thinflex™ Lash that can add extra depth and dimension to any makeup look. These lashes are designed to unleash your inner vixen, whether you're going for a fresh-faced or full glam look.

Our lashes feature a mixture of alternating hair lengths that create a fluttery 3D layered look, with each lash tapering to mimic natural eyelashes for a better blend. Our innovative Thinflex™ technology delivers an ultra-thin, lightweight lash band that is extra-long, ensuring any eye shape or size can wear them comfortably. The lash bands can be cut and customized to achieve a shaped-for-you fit.

Our Dramática – Full Volume style features a unique crisscross pattern and rounded center flair that adds extreme volume and length for a dramatic and sultry lash look.

For ultimate bedroom eyes, we recommend stacking your Alori lashes for a striking, full-body effect without the added bulk. Our lashes are reusable up to 25+ times with proper care and are both vegan and cruelty-free.

With a lash length of 25mm, our 3D Thinflex™ Lashes are perfect for achieving a bold and glamorous look. Try them today and add a touch of dimension to your makeup look.

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