What are Signature Rewards?

Alori’s Signature Rewards is a free program which allows you to earn Pro Points while you shop for your favorite products. These points can be used to redeem rewards such as free shipping, savings, discounts and more towards your future purchases.

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How do I earn Pro Points?

It's easy, as a Signature Rewards member you will receive 3 Pro Points for every $1 spent.

Earn Extra Pro Points:

Craving some extra points? Gain additional Pro Points by following us on Instagram, sharing us on social media or by linking your birthday to your Signature Rewards account for a bonus on your special day!

What are my rewards?

• Redeem 195 Pro Points for $2 off your next order!
• Redeem 300 Pro Points for free domestic shipping!
• Redeem 1,125 Pro Points for 15% off your next order!

Pro Points add up fast and best of all, your rewards are limitless! Whether you're saving for a bigger cash out or redeeming points with every purchase, there's always a saving in sight on your favorite products.

Looking for more rewards? Climb your way up our exclusive tiers...

Tier Bonuses:

• Bronze Member: Receive 5% off for becoming a Signature Rewards member!
• Silver Member: Receive 10% off upon earning 750 Pro Points!
• Rose Gold Member: Receive 20% off upon earning 1,500 Pro Points!
• Platinum Member: Receive 30% off upon earning 2,250 Pro Points!
• Elite Member: Receive 40% off upon earning 3,000 Pro Points!

By earning Pro Points you quickly gain progress towards our exclusive tier levels, which in turn rewards you with even more discounts upon entry. Whether you're redeeming your Pro Points or saving them up for later, you will always be gaining traction towards your next tier!


Signature Rewards program is completely free, what are you waiting for? Start saving on your favorite products!

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* Alori’s Signature Rewards is limited to one account per customer. Reward codes are account bound and can only be used by the assigned customer. Entry reward codes can only be used once per customer, per year. Earn rates do not include shipping or taxes. During sales, earn rates apply to discounted prices only and do not reflect the original price. Earn rates reflect U.S. currency only. Points cannot be exchanged for physical currency or profit. Points expire after 12 months with no purchase activity made to an account. Unused rewards are valid for 6 months from the date of redemption. Compensation and refunds cannot be given for any unused and/or expired rewards. Earn rates and reward amounts are subject to change at any given time. Free shipping redemption applies to domestic First Class Shipping within the United States only. Coupon codes cannot be combined and only one coupon code can be used at checkout at a time, this includes point reward codes, entry reward codes, as well as site wide discount codes. Tier status's earned by any given account will carry over into the next calendar year. Accounts must earn the same amount of points or more in order to continue their status and/or upgrade to the next available tier within that following year. Alori Collection has the right to refuse, disable or terminate any Signature Rewards account at any given time. Abuse of terms and conditions will not be tolerated at any capacity. Alori Collection has the right to decline and/or refuse any redemption or future order if seen as fit.