We know it’s hard, but put those tweezers and blades down! If you desire fuller, fluffier brows you have to let those hairs grow in. Tweezing and shaving can cause additional trauma to the follicles and delicate layers of skin which in turn puts your body through extra work to not only produce new hairs, but to heal the surrounding area causing growth to take longer.

Some people may experience immediate results while others may take a prolonged period. Trust the process; be adamant with your routine. Full results can take anywhere from 2 – 4 months to visibly notice depending on your situation and needs.


Does the brow serum have to be used in the evening?

Morning, evening, whatever time you'd like on clean, dry skin! We do not recommend using the brow serum before applying makeup.


How many times can I use the brow serum per day?

As many times as you'd like. We recommend using the brow serum at least 1 - 2 times per day.


Can I use the brow serum on my eyelashes?

No, do not do this! Our brow serum was formulated and tested to be used on skin, not the eyes!


Can I use the brow serum on microbladed brows?

If your brows have healed, sure thing! Our brow serum contains many hydrating properties to nourish surrounding skin which tattoos can benefit from!


Can I use the serum on facial hair?

Absolutely! You can use the serum in the same manner you would your eyebrows. Apply directly, massage into skin with your finger!


Can I use the serum on my hairline/scalp?

Yup, the same applies as the answer above! Our serum is packed with beneficial ingredients to condition skin, strengthen follicles and promote natural hair growth — give it a try!


What more do you need from a brow serum?