Our entire range of hand whipped vegan vegetable and cruelty-free goat's milk cleanses will be the best thing to touch your brushes. This delicate sulfate-free formulation produces a rich, creamy lather that melts away even the toughest makeup in seconds and helps keep your brushes soft, conditioned and clean with zero color transfer.

Grapefruit Flower

Our signature and most raved about scent as voted by you! The name of this fun-loving scent describes its delicious aroma perfectly, there’s no need for guessing games here.


Vegan: Unscented

This highly requested cleanse is formulated without any color or fragrance. Perfect for those with sensitivities, allergies or working artists with clients. Despite the name, this cleanse still packs the same mean punch against dirty brushes.


Vegan: Cashmere Dream

This delicate cleanse will wrap you in a soft cashmere blanket. A sophisticated blend of amber, violet, sandalwood and magnolia, to a ravishing linger of musk from cashmere. Whether you have the fireplace roaring or the air conditioning blasting, this scent is a true winter paradise.


Vegan: Dark Water

Explore the depths with our first ever ocean inspired cleanse. This intoxicating blend of deep sea water and hemlock will leave your brushes so clean you’ll feel as if you’ve found a lost, underwater treasure.


Vegan: Peony & Plum

This cleanse will take you on a decadent trip to France; imagine sitting on the stone patio of a countryside vineyard, surrounded by fresh air and blossoming peonies, indulging in France’s most extravagant plum pastries without a care in the world. Yes hunty, it’s THAT divine.

Raspberry Frosé

Deliciously tart with a glacé touch. A delectable pairing of juicy raspberries with a dash of semi-sweet sugar boiled over a hot stove. Your mouth will be watering for fresh, homemade raspberry jam after smelling this one.


Sunset Rose

From fresh pineapple in the morning, to afternoon drinks served in coconuts, to the aromatic rose centerpieces during a romantic sunset dinner... Welcome to your next tropical paradise!


Tropical Cocktail

Squeeze in one last poolside vacation before this year comes to a close with one of our tropical cocktails. From pineapple to coconut, pomegranate to orange, guava to lime; we have a variety of tropical concoctions on our drink menu. Which mystery cocktail will you receive?


Vegan: Whimsical

Unveil the magic and be swept away into a fantasy of your favorite notes. From peony to pear, lemon to cedar, vanilla to freesia, honey to nutmeg and plentiful aromas in between. Which of these sprightly handmade elixirs will be the one to revive your brushes.

*Whimsical is a mystery scent that changes frequently



“The tools were nestled all snug in their beds, while the scent of sugar plum fairies danced on their… brush heads?” Enter a winter wonderland with our take on the simply sweet and tart plum berry holiday scent.