Solid Cleaner

  1. Wet the cleaner
  2. Swirl dry brush on the surface of cleaner
  3. Use a cleansing pad, then rinse
  4. Let the solid cleaner air dry before replacing the lid

Concentrated Liquid Cleaner

Pre-soak for sponges: (1 teaspoon) in 1 cup of water is the preferred measurement.

Brushes: (½ teaspoon) in 2 tablespoons of water is the preferred measurement to clean 50+ brushes

Avoid letting the concentrated cleaner sit directly on sponge for an extended period of time.

Makeup Remover

Saturate a cotton round or reusable pad with 1 tsp of remover...

  • For base products: Swipe cotton round over entire face. Avoid sensitive skin around the eyes
  • For eyebrows and lips: Hold the cotton round over the area for a few seconds, gently swipe away

Repeat steps if necessary. Follow up with your skincare routine.

This product is concentrated and can be diluted with water to extend use. (1 tsp remover + ½ tsp water) is the preferred measurement.