Our range of multipurpose and versatile face brushes and sponges can be used for any application, method or product of your choosing. Descriptions are written as inspiration, not rules. Play around to suit your needs; beauty tools have endless opportunities!

Perfect Blending Sponge

Our latex-free Perfect Blending Sponge offers a plush, delicate bounce against the skin while soaking up minimal product from creams, powders and liquids. With this sponge you’re able to achieve a long lasting, smooth finish.


Finishing Touch Brush

Our Finishing Touch Brush is our first ever duo fiber design expertly crafted to deliver fool-proof application.

Featuring two luxurious layers of cruelty-free synthetic fibers, this oversized brush glides powders smoothly across the face, décolleté and body for a diffused, airbrushed finish. Fuse together a finished look by delicately sweeping the soft, duo fibers across a completed face.


Lush Powder Brush

Our Lush Powder Brush offers ultimate control for a flawless, airbrushed finish. Each individual strand of our cruelty-free, synthetic fibers have been refined to pick up and deposit setting powders effortlessly with a silky touch.


Smooth Canvas Foundation Brush

Our Smooth Canvas Foundation Brush features a unique, slanted ferrule and brush head that fits seamlessly into the contours and smaller areas of the face.

These cruelty-free, synthetic fibers provide the perfect density for evenly applying, blending and buffing liquids, creams and powders across the face every time.


Winged Complexion Brush

Our Winged Complexion Brush delivers versatility and innovation when it comes to setting powders, contours, highlights, blushes and bronzers.

These cruelty-free, synthetic fibers have been handcrafted into a unique 90° curve to expertly sweep and blend powders across the skin.