What started off with the intention of a one-time, limited collaboration quickly became so much more thanks to the overwhelming love and support from you, our OG followers. In what felt like the blink of an eye, the vision of building a long-term brand was sparked. With persistence, dedication and encouragement, the Alori Collection was born. Alo and Riply’s combined experiences, knowledge and backgrounds within the beauty community and makeup industry quickly became the burning fuel behind the brand, the intense passion to create the best quality and most practical products.

Alori's promise has always been to teach along the way. Showing beginners and artists alike that it’s not necessary to have runway level skills in order to achieve incredible looks or feel good in their own skin. It’s about the tools, the design and the infinite ways you can use brushes for a unique and personal experience. We firmly believe makeup is an outlet; there are no rights or wrongs and that should be the case with the tools you use. Our mission is to revolutionize and encourage users to experiment with how versatile brushes can truly be, alongside putting an end to procrastination by turning the task of cleaning brushes from a chore into a delightfully fresh experience.

Riply introduced scented cleanses to keep cleaning brushes fun and enjoyable. Every product on the market is available in various scents; from dish soap to hair spray, scents are a huge factor in what makes a product a personal favorite. As a consumer, Riply longed for this element within a brush cleanse as well. Her unstoppable love for goat’s milk combined with her extensive years of expertise in making her own bath products and cleansers, the original Goat’s Milk Brush Cleanse was born. Alori is now the first brand to offer a wide variety of permanent and limited edition sulfate-free solid scented brush cleanses in cruelty-free and vegan formulas that not only smell amazing, but work effortlessly.

Thanks to you, our supporters, we have the opportunity to continue to grow and keep our dream alive. We have so many exciting things lined up for the future, we cannot wait to take you on this journey with us. From the bottom of our heart, from the entire Alori Collection family to yours, thank you!