Beauty Oil

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This hydrating Beauty Oil Concentrate is enriched with beneficial, clean ingredients to help improve your skin’s overall appearance.

• Suitable for all skin types, fast absorbing, non-greasy

• Aids in repairing and moisturizing skin, alleviates redness, soothes irritation, heals abrasions and acne, smooths texture, increases collagen production, restores cells, strengthens skin's protective barrier, reduces breakouts, fine lines, dark spots and other common concerns of aging.

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• Generously spray your skin with Hydra Mist

• Apply 3 - 5 drops and massage into skin until absorbed

• For spot treating, apply a small amount of product to a clean finger and tap lightly over problem area

Shake before use, organic particles may settle at the bottom of the bottle


• Vegan, cruelty-free, formulated without alcohol or parabens. View the full list of ingredients here.