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"I am THE ZODIAC ESSENCE: Libra Edition. Graceful and charming, just like you. I capture the essence of your harmonious spirit and refined taste. Embrace your inner diplomat, the peacemaker and aesthete. I am more than a scent; I am your balance, your sociability, your love for beauty and symmetry. Let's weave harmony into relationships and bring elegance to our surroundings, with the poised and thoughtful nature of Libra."

THE ZODIAC ESSENCE is infused with elements that traditionally align with the attributes of Libra and resonate deeply with their balanced and harmonious nature:

Rose (Flower): The rose, a classic emblem of love and elegance, aligns well with Libra's affectionate and aesthetic side. It also stands for balance and harmony, central traits of Libra.

Sweet Pea (Flower): Sweet peas, symbolizing gentle joy, thankfulness, and allure, mirror Libra's gracious, charming, and friendly characteristics.

Violet (Flower): Violets, representing humility, loyalty, and discretion, reflect the soft, diplomatic, and sometimes subtle nature of Libra.

Freesia (Flower): Freesias, associated with trust, purity, and thoughtfulness, resonate with Libra's harmonious, balanced perspective and their considerate manner.

Apple Blossom (Flower): Apple blossoms, signifying choice, preference, and allure, match Libra's decision-making process, their appreciation of beauty, and their focus on relationships and choices.

Spearmint (Herb): Spearmint, known for its revitalizing and clear taste, symbolizes effective communication and freshness, echoing Libra's skill in articulate interaction and their preference for fresh, harmonious exchanges.

What is Alori Essence?
Essence is a fast-absorbing, lightweight oil for both face and body. This oil is designed to soften, refine, smooth and moisturize skin for a more radiant, youthful complexion. Bid farewell to dry spots, rough elbows and irritating razor burn, and welcome a new era of silky-smooth, glowing skin!

How to Use:
Apply on towel-dried skin after a bath or shower. Simply drop a generous amount of oil onto the palm of your hand and massage into skin until absorbed. Use daily for best results.

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