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Introducing our Collector's Edition Beauty Oil, now available in a generous 3.4 oz size. This non-greasy formula is suitable for all skin types, which effectively targets skin imperfections, texture, inflammation, dryness, dullness, and premature aging.

Enriched with a potent blend of natural ingredients including Apple, Pomegranate, Sweet Almond, Blueberry, Sea Buckthorn, Squalane, Snow Mushroom, Linseed, Chia Seed, Green Tea, Algae, Jojoba, Prickly Pear, Turmeric, Grape, Soybean, Carrot, Moringa, Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Glycerin, Mulberry, Safflower, Tamanu, Raspberry, Grapefruit, Milk Thistle, Chamomile, Tea Tree, and Black Cumin, our Beauty Oil revitalizes your skin with its harmonious effects.

Experience a brighter and softer complexion as our Beauty Oil works to improve skin texture, reduce inflammation, and combat signs of aging. The hydrating properties of Squalane, Glycerin, and Snow Mushroom deeply nourish and soothe your skin. Meanwhile, potent antioxidants such as Green Tea, Pomegranate, and Blueberry protect against premature aging.

Unveil a refined and flawless look as Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip minimize blemishes and enhance skin texture. Enjoy the soothing benefits of Turmeric and Tea Tree, which calm irritated skin and reduce inflammation. Essential fatty acids from Linseed, Chia Seed, and Evening Primrose maintain your skin's natural barrier, preventing moisture loss.



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